Year: 2013
Runtime: 30 minutes
Language: Filipino
Genre: Drama

A math teacher – Ma’am Sandra – teaches in a rotting, old, multi-grade classroom in a remote town. She spends sleepless nights and her own money to prepare effective teaching tools, making math interesting for all her students.

Her top girls Rosa and Michelle are competitive kids but also the best of friends. They have to walk two hours to get to school and still work very hard at their lessons upon coming home. Both of the girls want to be teachers themselves, even volunteering to teach the pre-school kids in their barrio to read. They eventually graduate as Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Being from impoverished families, there are no resources to send them to college. From her meager savings, Ma’am Sandra is able to give Rosa and Michelle transportation money and a small allowance to reach Manila, but nothing for tuition.

Michelle ends up working as a housemaid in the city. Rosa finds herself pregnant from her high school boyfriend and has to stay behind. The best friends are tearfully separated.

Despite a series of abusive employers, Michelle will find a way to work her way through college in the big city, take up education and become an elementary school teacher.   Through her, we will see the power of the individual to change her fate.
Rosa will have three kids and aim to become the perfect housewife, only to discover her husband has been cheating on her – with many other women. Instead of being defeatist, she will start an itik business in the town though a cooperative loan and become a successful supplier of organic salted duck eggs, all the while teaching her children good values. Her lazy townsmen will come to work late or drunk sometimes , ask for advances on their salaries, and she will push them to improve – through Rosa, we will see the power of a good business person to change her community.

Ma’am Sandra will have her retirement savings stolen by a scammer. In her mid-50s, she will find true love in the person of a kind widower.

The lives of the three women will intertwine at various crucial points in the series – providing one another with emotional and financial support when they need it most. At the end of the series, Michelle will go back to her hometown to teach Rosa’s children, among many others. Rosa will be able to fund the rebuilding of the schoolhouse where Michelle teaches.

The success and teaching skills of these three women will make a remarkable difference in their small town.


Cast & Characters

– Michelle Maturan
AGOT ISIDRO – Teacher Sandra
IRMA ADLAWAN – Principal May Deroca
ROCCO NACINO – Mayor Joseph Santiago
MIKAEL DAEZ – Kurt Reyes



- Best Drama Series, Catholic Mass Media Awards 2014, Manila, Philippines
- 2nd Runner-Up, Creative Frontier category, NHK Japan Prize 2014, Tokyo, Japan
- Best Television Show, Association of Private Schools, Manila 2013Best Television Series, FAPSA Tri-Media Award 2013, Manila, Philippines