VYAC Productions, the brainchild of the collaboration between director Alvin Yapan and producer Alemberg Ang, aims to produce films that are sensitive to the ethical handling of
third world issues such as the exploitative depiction of poverty and exoticism of indigenous cultures. Without being limited with these issues, VYAC productions would like to explore the richness and dynamism of varied cultural expressions. In the end, we seek the upliftment of the cultural traditions of minorities by giving them voice in world cinema. We aim to do this through narrative innovations grounded in the marriage of cinematic and literary devices from both the local and world cinematic and literary traditions, that mutually reinforce and reinvigorate each other.

VYAC Productions formally started as a company last 2008 with The Rapture of Fe having competed and exhibited in film festivals in Cairo, Chicago, Manila, Osian’s Cinefan, Bahamas, among others. With the success of their first feature, VYAC Productions produced two more films: Pilgrim Lovers and The Dance of Two Left Feet. Pilgrim Lovers is a regional film veering away from Manila-centric filmmaking productions while The Dance of Two Left Feet is a dance movie using poetry set to music and choreography featuring mainstream actors to broaden the appeal of films being produced by VYAC Productions.

This year, the company had a very productive year with three feature length films and a television series working with companies like Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Quantum Films, GMA Films and GMA News TV.

With projects of varying appeals under its wing, VYAC Productions now further firmed up not only its production skills but also its distribution capabilities competing with commercial films under the wing of mainstream production companies.